Booking a vacation can create an unnecessary stress.  At Trip Assurance, we pride ourselves in helping you secure a vacation to be stress free and enjoyable.  Trip Assurance will take the proper steps to validate travel packages to ensure the highest possible experience.  We have over 30 years of travel experience and know how to validate and confirm the traveler is getting the safest vacation they can buy.

Trip Assurance does NOT Market, Promote or Advertise any vacation packages.  Our job is to validate and insure you are purchasing a quality vacation with no loop holes or spammy sales gimmicks.

When you have selected the package in which you want to travel with, you simply fill out the Validation form found on most pages of  Once our team receives the information, someone will contact you within 24-48 hours to explain their findings and explain pricing and fees associated with getting a “Certified Vacation” bond.  We offer all of our clients up to a $50,000 USD security policy that everything we promise during your vacation happens.

If you are booking a Trip Assurance vacation through one of our partners, you can be rest assured you automatically receive our Certified Vacation promise.